LED Display Solutions for Architects and AV Consultants

July 27, 2011 Joey Davis

The concept of a sinking library is not a new one. This urban legend has been around for decades, floating around numerous college campuses and academic circles, and even finding itself mentioned in popular TV series such as How I Met Your Mother. The legend usually states that an architect worked to design an amazing library, painstakingly accounting for each piece of molding and fixture. After the building was constructed, however, the architect realized a fatal flaw in his work: He forgot to account for the weight of the books, and now the structure is slowly sinking.
Though an urban legend, the idea of a sinking building points to one of the main tasks of an architect: Each structure must be designed with its purpose and audience in mind.


Why Architects/AV Consultants Love Us: We fit your space, not the other way around

Architecture reflects the mindset of the time period in which it is designed, and with today’s technology, a structure must be compatible with the digital age. Open walls that can accommodate displays, available outlets and connections, and more are essential to successful design or updates to existing structures.

Bulky digital signage can throw a wrench into design, forcing the architect or AV consultant on a project to work around the technology needed instead of having the technology work with their design. NanoLumens digital signage solutions are different; our LED displays can be made in any size, shape, or curvature, allowing them to be applied in spaces where other technologies aren’t applicable, i.e. around a curved column or curved wall.

Lightweight structure gives designers more allowance for hanging a display from the ceiling or mounting it to a particular wall.  Are you working on an historic structure that needs an AV update? Our NanoWraps for columns can be applied using tension rather than drilling, leaving no permanent damage to your space.

Energy efficient, with low heat and noise

The purpose of the structure being designed can put tight restrictions on an architect’s plans, or leave the AV consultant with strict constraints as to what technology they can use. Green, energy-efficient or LEED certified structures are becoming more and more common; your typical large format display can consume high levels of power, hurting your ability to be green. A NanoLumens LED Display is more efficient than a hairdryer, cutting down on the amount of power you need to make a splash with your brand.

Is your space sensitive to temperature change? Do the acoustics of your room demand a quiet display? Our LED screens are quiet and produce very little heat, making them a safer bet with less noise pollution, allowing your audience to focus on what counts–You!

Adding brilliance and the “WOW” Factor

In a brightly lit indoor space, such as a mall or convention center, LCD displays, plasma screens, and other large-format digital signage options can appear dull, failing to grab the attention of your viewer and cutting the ROI of having your signage in the first place. Take a look at the following photo inside of a mall. NOTE: This photo has not been edited:

LED display in mall
Where is the first place you look in this photo? (scroll down for an analysis)

Where did your eye go whenever you looked at the photo? Chances are, it went straight to the LED display towards the top of the picture, noted with the yellow arrow below. Did you happen to notice the line of LCD displays? Noted with the red arrow, these displays aren’t bright enough in the well-lit mall environment to make an impact on your viewers.

led display in mall
In a brightly lit environment, your screen brightness matters.

LED displays are a brighter option, making your screen still “pop,” grabbing attention of potential clients, generating revenue for your brand or advertisers, and making your space seem all the more amazing.

With the ability to add screens where they’re not expected, you’ll also achieve that “WOW” factor that designers and AV consultants want in a space. Let’s face it–A curved wall in a building is definitely cool, but a curved wall that’s covered with a massive, curved, LED screen? It doesn’t get much more incredible than that.

Using NanoLumens for Your Project

If you’re considering adding a large format display to your next project as an architect or AV Consultant, we’d love to discuss your project with you and to find out if an LED display is a good fit for your digital signage needs. Let’s talk.

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