An Untapped Benefit of Digital Signage

March 29, 2012 Joey Davis

Digital signage networks are an extremely versatile tool in today’s marketplace. Digital displays can be used as advertising networks to generate revenue, to inform customers of deals and promotions, or simultaneously used as a vibrant digital wallpaper to bring a space to life. With the many ways that owners of digital signage networks use their solutions to target customers, however, many companies simply overlook one untapped benefit that their digital signage network can provide – to improve the flow of information to the workforce by interacting with employees through “inward-facing” signage.

Inward or “employee-facing” screens can provide an important internal communication medium for businesses to communicate with their employees – especially those who are not in front of a computer screen all day. Digital signs are utilized in these workplace settings to supplement or altogether replace the traditional bulletin board, reducing unnecessary clutter.

Inward-facing screens can deliver customized messages to different departments, and can be used to celebrate milestones, acknowledge achievements, or used as a portal to share pictures and videos of employees. The same signage network’s infrastructure that is used to target customers can be utilized to provide employee training, keep them informed of company news and policies, update them on the latest promotions and selling points, or alert them of any relevant announcements and instructions.

Like all digital signage solutions, content is crucial and employee-facing screens should provide a blend of both soft material and more serious company information. Whether using an already installed digital signage infrastructure or by installing a new network that is pushed to employees where they naturally assemble, digital signs become a focal point of these areas and command the staff’s attention. Rather than having employees choose to actively visit a website on their own time, using inward-facing screens is less intrusive and can be used by management as a motivational tool to engage employees in the most up-to-date fashion – resulting in an improved company culture. Using employee-facing screens can also have a significant influence on purchase decisions, even more-so at times than some customer-facing screens, since the expertise of staff can drive additional sales and improve communication with guests.

In industries where there are high turnover rates of staff, the training and teaching of employees is often costly and time-consuming, but it only takes small amounts of subliminal training to effectively educate and inform staff.

Digital signage networks can be used in numerous ways as a catalyst for communications, and many of these uses can add value to an industry and easily offset the initial investment. Feel free to contact us today to see how our unique NanoLumens LED displays can help improve your workplace dynamics.


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